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Brand planning is the cornerstone of every successful business. Business owners should be experts on every aspect of their brand. Brand planning prepares your company to embrace the future with open arms. Understanding the internal and external environment surrounding your brand allows you to make decisions and react to change in the right way. Of course, most brands plan to some extent, but usually not as thoroughly as they should. There are a lot of important points surrounding brand planning, and they all must be accounted for and aligned with each other in order to develop a holistic business plan.

Vision and Mission


Having a brand vision is important because your vision will control your business decisions. Your vision is your ideal perception of your brand. This should be something much deeper than “I want to make a lot of money.” Your mission is what you are trying to achieve through your business. Every business wants to make money, but passionate business owners should have a bigger idea for where they want their business to be. Many business owners have a vision and mission, but they have not been clearly defined. At Upper Division Marketing, we can help you define and develop your brand vision.



Brand goals are similar to your brand vision except they are much more specific. Brand goals define your business at a micro-level. What are you trying to achieve? More Customers? Higher Market Share? A New Image? Business Goals should follow the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound). It is not enough to just set goals: you need to set the right goals. Upper Division Marketing business consultants can help your company develop SMART goals that will pave the way for your future marketing efforts.

Core Competencies


Simply put, core competencies are the things that your company does the best. You may have the best price, quality, service, or something completely different. Knowing what you do best will help you develop a competitive edge in your industry. Core competencies will often be used as the “sell points” of your marketing campaigns. You have to know what you do best before you attempt to convince your audience to support your business. Upper Division Marketing business consultants can do a thorough analysis of your business to help you pinpoint your core competencies. If you already know your core competencies, we can help you build upon them and create a marketing plan to showcase them.



Defining your audience is the foundation to every successful marketing plan. This is sometimes referred to as your target market. You need to know who you are trying to reach before you try to reach them. Many companies just focus on gaining customers, however, their focus should be gaining and targeting the right customers, as this is much more efficient in the long run. If you are a new business you may define who you want to reach based on who you believe will be a good fit for your company. If you are an existing business, you will want to segment your customer base to better understand who your most profitable and consistent audience is. Remember, it is important to align your audience needs with your company vision/goals. Audiences should be large enough in number to support your business, easily reached, and passionate about your product. Upper Division Marketing business consultants can work with your company to define an audience that is a perfect fit for your brand.



Brand planning entails knowing every aspect of your business environment, and competition is a huge factor. Understanding who your competition is will help you gain insight on your entire industry. Analyzing your competition will allow you to discover what works well in your industry and what does not. Successful companies in your industry can be used as a benchmark for your initial marketing efforts, however, your ultimate goal should be to surpass your top competitors. Upper Division Marketing consultants can help you define and analyze your competition to help you rise to the top of your industry.



Defining your brand vision, goals, core competencies, audience, and competition is extremely important, however, devising a marketing plan around this data is what will be the most beneficial to your success. Aligning your brand vision, goals, and core competencies with your audience’s needs in a way that transcends your competition will give you a true competitive edge. This is often the most difficult part of brand planning and development. Upper Division Marketing consultants are prepared to help you align all aspects of your business to help you take your success to a whole new level. We have plenty of experience in business planning and development. We do a comprehensive analysis of your business and the industry surrounding it in order to formulate a feasible business plan that will be the foundation for all future marketing efforts.

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