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Local marketing is a great way to reach your audience directly at the source. Local marketing packages are ideal for brick and mortar businesses but can also be very effective for online companies. Doing local marketing properly requires a strong understanding of your business goals and your audience. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” package for local marketing because every business has different goals and marketing preferences.

Reach Your Local Audience


Upper Division Marketing can work with your company to help you reach your local audience. Every local marketing plan we create is completely different, as we design our marketing plans specifically for the business we are marketing. The benefits of local marketing are pretty obvious. By spreading awareness locally, your company can increase its customer base and gain a residual flow of in-store traffic. Utilizing local marketing for your business is also a great way to spread awareness about your brand. At Upper Division Marketing, we apply many different local marketing tactics that have been proven to be effective. Upon consultation, we will ask you about your company’s goals and devise a plan to support those goals. Local marketing can include a variety of different tactics including flyer marketing, incentive-based crowdsourcing, business directory submissions, coupon distribution, local media features, and much more. Talk to an Upper Division Marketing consultant today to develop a local marketing plan that suits your business.

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